Guitar Lessons in Wirral

With Guitar Lessons Wirral you are guaranteed first class guitar lessons that are conveniently located to suit YOU.  Learn or become a better guitar player on acoustic, electric or bass guitar while also learning the right techniques.  I also customize every lesson to fit the needs of each student. Learning music should be informative AND fun! We can learn: scales, soloing, harmony, songwriting, ear training, bends, vibrato, arpeggios, music theory or just songs! Relax and connect with your perfect instrument.

Whether it’s an acoustic or electric, I can help you get started on guitar or help you improve on guitar.

Guitar Lessons in Wirral
Guitar Lessons in Wirral

I offer you material that is suited for your skill level as well as your musical tastes.  If you want to learn a song, I personally figure out how to play it and will make a slowed down recording of it for you to practice with.  Plus, you will get accurate TAB (form or written music) to go with your song request Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or a more advanced guitar player Guitar Lessons Wirral have the right lessons for YOU!


Lessons cover a wide variety of guitar and musical aspects, including;

  • Experienced, qualified Wirral  guitar teacher
  • The development of musicianship through performance.
  • Instruction is available for both electric and acoustic guitar
  • the uniqueness of each student; the fact that enjoyment (fun!) maximises Learning
  • the importance of proper technique and an understanding of music theory to build self-confidence
  • Private lessons to students of all ages and skill levels, and a wide variety of music styles
  • Guitar Lessons Wirral make the lessons fun and have the tools to make this possible
  • Adults Taught. Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced Guitarists Welcome
  • Music theory, performance, song-writing, stage presence, and ensemble
  • Guitar lessons to all ages, experience levels, and loves to have student showcases
  • Jazz, rock, pop, folk, blues, metal, bluegrass-you name it, our teachers have knowledge in lots of style